The Dales Community Pop choir was established in September 2015 by Yorkshire Dales musical director Debbie Allenby. Our choir of 50 members, from all backgrounds, travel from all over the Yorkshire Dales to come together weekly in Leyburn to sing, make friends and have fun. We specialise in pop music from all decades and contemporary show tunes, singing in four parts with our fabulous accompanist Paul. Our aim as a choir is to have fun and support each other which fabulously results in a happy group of people that sing and sound amazing!

About us

Led by our inspiring and experienced musical director Debbie, we have grown from strength to strength. Starting with only 15 members we now have a full choir of 50 friendly and welcoming ladies.

Watch us

As a choir we love our weekly get together learning new songs and singing our hearts out, but we also love to perform to an audience and demonstrate the wonderful results of all our hard work.

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We love to perform for any occasion. If you have an event where you are interested in having The Dales Community Pop Choir perform, please contact us.

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Singing is proven to improve health and wellbeing . . .

. . . but don’t take our word for it – here’s what our members say:

The choir is a little oasis of ‘me-time’ each week, where we can completely forget about the day-to-day stresses we all have in our lives, and immerse ourselves in song. I love the way pieces come together, and enjoy hearing the progression week on week as we work on new songs to add to our repertoire. I love the fact that everyone is welcomed into the choir (I couldn’t pass an audition to save my life!)

I had lung cancer 5 years ago and had half a lung removed. My specialist suggested singing as a great exercise for the lungs. I was worried about joining the choir as I can’t read music but the choir are a wonderful group to belong to -I have made new friends and visited new places. Singing gives me an immense feeling of joy and my lungs are getting all the exercise they need into the bargain!!”

As a busy business woman and mum of two children I wasn’t sure if I would have time to be in the choir. I decided to give it a try on the very first session and I am still a member of the choir 3 years later! I love having something to look forward to every week that is so fun and fulfilling! I feel uplifted and de stressed after every rehearsal and constantly wowed by the amazing sounds we are able to produce.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors who have supported the work and development of the choir this year, including the North Yorkshire Rewards Fund.

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For more information please email us